Feeling good about joining in the workdays

  • Posted on: 19 July 2014
  • By: Jon Shapiro

As you may know, the Friends of Heaton Moor Park has a workday every 2nd Saturday of the month. Last Saturday (July 12, 2014) I joined the crew for the workday, for the second consecutive month. We need these workdays because it seems that the council, due to budget cuts, is unable to do much to maintain the park. Mowing the bowling green and emptying the litter bins they do, but I am not sure they can do much else right now (see below). We have such a lovely park, so I feel good about helping keep it that way.

However, I also face the workdays with some trepidation, because, although I am quite willing to work, I know little about gardening and I don't know the names of plants. I don't even garden in my own backyard; my wife does that. We are very fortunate, however, to have two landscape architects in the friends group, and most of the people at the workday seem to know a lot about plants. So, when we started with weeding and I was asked to pull out the epilobium, they might as well have asked me to pull out my toenails. But when they kindly gave more simple instructions, "pull out the plants that look like this", I could happily pitch in. I also deadheaded the columbine and the roses; even I know what roses look like.

Other members of the group weeded all around the bowling green, cut back the kerria and watered the flowers -  lots of watering. You may remember, we had about two very dry weeks before last weekend, so the ground was very dry and the plants were really drooping. Hence, we did lots of watering. Of course, within a few hours it started to rain and we got 18mm (0.7 inches) in the next 12 hours. Sigh.

There was also good camaraderie and great refreshments (made by my daughter, so no bias there). Here is a picture of me and the others doing what I do best - relaxing.

At the previous work day, we mulched and planted. This is more my speed, shovelling "mulch" as many have previously remarked (although I think they may have been speaking figuratively). Here is a picture of our working and the some results of our efforts.







Above I mentioned that I do not know what the council will and will not do to keep up the park. In fact, the Friends of Heaton Moor Park has set up a meeting with the Council to find out. We hope they will make upkeep of Heaton Moor Park a priority.

The next work day is 9 August, 2014. Join us! New faces will be more than welcomed.