Working to protect what we have

  • Posted on: 3 February 2017
  • By: Maria Novelly

At the Friends Meeting last night, we were reminded that the Council has ring-fenced money for the partk, but has yet to spend it.  The Friends have reviewed the park and the main needs are around -

  • Drainage. The field for football is almost unusable due to it being so swampy! This takes out an important quandant of area that could be used by a number of people, and without it, it puts pressure on other areas of the park.
  • Footpaths - these are reaching the point of endangering walkers of all ages, runners, small children learning to walk/ride bikes, pram pushers and wheelchair users. The footpaths are also muddy due to drainage (see above).
  • Toddler play areas surfacing. This could be upgraded at little cost, but it is iin need of upgrading!

We are writing out local representatives, and we urge that any one living near the park that would like to keep it in good maintenance do the same.