Arts and Crafts in the Park (3)

Aug 27, 2023 | Kids' activities, Projects

Cara Kliman continues with one last idea for arts and crafts you can do with kids in the park.

Alphabet Drawing Game

For this, I first made a grid of 26 squares for each child on a large piece of paper. In each square, put a letter of the alphabet, or have the kids do it.

The kids, Alice and Zoe, armed with their piece of paper and some pencils/felt tips/crayons – whatever is at hand – we headed to the park..

In the park, the children had to find something starting with every letter of the alphabet and draw it in the corresponding box in the grid, in alphabetical order.

For the letter Z, both of them drew Zoe herself, and thought this was the most hilarious joke.

For G, Alice drew god. ‘He’s everywhere so he must be in the park,’ she said.

I was dismayed to see that god is still presenting as an elderly white man with a beard but I decided that it wasn’t the time to tackle this cliché.

Alice left the A box empty. ‘Air,’ she informed me, pleased with this joke too.

For V none of us could spot anything. Two teenagers walked by, both holding vapes.

‘Problem solved,’ I shouted, and then realised that the summer holidays had melted my brain.

‘What have you got for E?’ I said. ‘Nothing? Good, draw ‘Exhausted parent’.
Time flew and soon all the boxes were filled except for M.
‘What are you going to put in there?’ I asked them.
‘More cake.’