Let’s not forget the help for the Friends from our friends!

May 3, 2021 | Projects, Thoughts about the park

A rainy day like today makes us appreciate the Park in our minds although we may not actually be strolling around in the wind and gales.

However, it’s a great time to sit down at the old computer screen and say a big THANK YOU to those who have recently donated to the Friends of Heaton Moor Park.

The past year has been tough on the fundraising front for Friends of Heaton Moor Park.

Like many charities, our volunteer group runs events to raise money, events that would have risked spreading Covid over the past 13 months.

No Easter Egg hunt (2 years running), No 4 Heatons Festival (2 years running). The last Carols in the Park was at the end of 2019.

Meanwhile we still have ongoing expenses. For example, we commission professional gardening services because the Council provides only ‘cut and clear’ services and NO weeding, planting, etc. We bought bedding plants for last summer and will do so again for this summer.

One very interesting expenditure of course was for the carved owl near the pavilion!

As a result, we have been asking for donations by distributing cards and through social media posts. The response has been fabulous!

So far we have raised over £350 through your kind donations and we are thrilled to note some have opted for a regular monthly donation.

If you have donated on our local giving page and provided your name, our treasurer is planning to send you a personal message of thanks. If you have decided to donate anonymously, thank you for your kind support. We deeply appreciate it.

In addition to our ongoing expenses, we also hope to take on some major projects:

  • A big one: the refurbishment of the tennis court. The longer we leave it, the more costly it will become.
  • Additional picnic facilities, which would in turn take pressure off the bowling green, which really should only be used for bowling.
  • More planting in areas that are looking a bit bare.
  • Bottle filling station – Covid-19 has made this seem less feasible but from a point of reducing plastic waste, it’s not yet off the table.

Once we determine costs and get council approval, we will of course be applying for any relevant grants. We are also hoping for support from park users and visitors.

Once again, thanks very very much to everyone who has donated to the park, we appreciate your generosity and will be updating you on our projects and progress!
And if you are inspired to make a donation yourself, please head over here: