Wildflower mini meadow in the park

Jul 24, 2023 | News

Despite – or possibly because of – some heavy rains, the new wildflower meadow surrounding two sides of the tennis court has been starting to strut its stuff.

This wonderful wildflower mini meadow was created for everyone to enjoy but especially to honour mothers everywhere. Seeds and plug plants were kindly donated in memory of two wonderful mums – Ann and June.

Appropriately, the seeds and plant plugs for the meadow were dug in right around Mothering Sunday in March of this year.

Wildflowers usually take a couple of years to really become part of the landscape, and it’s been delightful to see what’s been happening so far.

Flowers planted include many bee-friendly plants including Oxeye Daisy, Rock Rose, Speedwell, Dropwort, Lesser Knapweed, Ladys Bedstraw plus herbs such as thyme, majoram and sorrel.