A sump in action

May 19, 2021 | Projects, Thoughts about the park

Sump (sŭmp) A low-lying place, such as a pit, that receives drainage.

Soakaway (səʊkəˌweɪ) – a pit filled with rubble, etc, into which rain or waste water drains

With the heavy rains this winter lasting into spring, the path by the ‘wild corner’ at Buckingham Road and Park Road had often been transformed into a small lake.

The problem was thought to be due to the very small Victorian era drain (10 centimetres square) and the raising of the path after recent re-tarmacking.

Recently, as recommended by some of our Facebook visitors, a sump or soakaway has been created in this corner.

With the rain last weekend (about 2 cm), it was put to the test and seems to have done a great job getting water off the path.