March action in the Park

Mar 20, 2022 | Garden in the Park

We’ve been very pleased to see how much Stockport Council has put into clearing out much of the undergrowth around the perimeter of the park. But Mother Nature never stops and there is always plenty to do. .

Many thanks to all the volunteers who came along this past Saturday, 19th March 2022. The weather was stunning, with a bit of a welcome cooling breeze.

What did we get up to?

Here are some of the achievements of the morning – they all contribute to improving the park. .

  • Litter picking around the park – this was completed before Saturday by the avant-garde of the group!
  • Cutting back (and in some cases digging up) the ivy that is threatening trees and overtaking shrubs.
  • Repairing some of the rock walls
  • Removing the old dog waste receptacle post near the Elms Road entrance (perfectly situated for some kid to fall against)
  • Deadheading the flowers along the path next to the bowling green on the Peel Moat side.
  • Raking out the leaves in the Rotary bed
  • Removing leaves that were squashing the grass on the slopes of the cloverleaf field 
  • Edging the border around the star bed area

Do join us next month for another couple of hours to make our beautiful neighbourhood park even lovelier 9th April 2022, 10am-12noon. Head to the shed near the Buckingham Park entrance where you will be most welcome.